Experience the world changing around you as you transform into the most perfect manifestation of your true leader-self.


At Wisdom Windfall the first shift to awakening and moving forward starts here with this group session of individual depth work. While you can choose your own level of engagement. For a few, the privilege to actually witness others unburden from the things that held them back is in itself sacred and life changing to experience.

For people who have faced the broken parts within and are seeking a fresh gateway to the next level for themselves. Come with a spirited open heart and the kind of compassion that won’t turn away from the expression of deep emotions, vulnerability, and authenticity.

Daniel Nepia, Baksho Craig and Michael Bonahan are highly trained, certified, intuitive educators. Internationally seasoned, each working successfully in their fields. Practitioners of Shadow, Gestalt, Family Constellation, Dynamic Groups, and Rites of Passage work between them, this is the team that will be guiding you through each shift.

Over the course of 3 evenings, join Michael, Baksho, and Daniel for a unique in-person re-learning experience. We welcome those called to serve humanity. Come with us as we co create a shift into living life with presence and purpose.

Prerequisite: Reclaiming Yourself

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Kona Hawaii: March 25 th , 26 th , & 27 th , 2019 | Auckland NZ: August 5 th , 6 th , & 7 th , 2019


Are you ready to stop denying your hidden beliefs and reveal the powerful possibilities that lay deep within your whole self? An important step in living a life of purpose is to inventory all parts of yourself. There’s some rich gold to mine in the process of this live webinar. Reclaiming Yourself is at the cornerstone of Wisdom Windfall’s process in discovering your purpose and living it with passion.


In your relationships – do you operate from your Lover or your Magician? Does your Warrior or your Sovereign take charge in your career? This  revealing and powerful workshop explores how the Cardinal Archetypes show up in our culture and in our daily lives. Discover the Gold & Shadows in your Lover, Warrior, Magician, and Sovereign.

February 3rd, 2020


Now is the time to design the personal time capsule of your Living Legacy.  Here we will shine the light on where you always wanted to go, but maybe never did. Join us in this powerful 7 WEEK discovery learning environment where you’ll develop an overarching vision for yourself, learn to lead projects with renewed aliveness, get inspired by a tribe of heart-centered leaders from diverse backgrounds, and bring it all home by focusing in on what purposeful success really looks like for you.

Prerequisites: Reclaiming Yourself, Heart of Purpose

Online: USA – August 27 th – October 8 th , 2019 | NZ & Australia - August 28 th – October 9 th , 2019


For the discerning tribe member, a luxury spa resort package that strikes the perfect balance between challenging your higher self and pampering your worthy self. Our holistic approach combines high-level, Life-Affirming, personal and group coaching with five star accommodations, customized in-house spa treatments, whole-body wellness regimes, and world class farm to table cuisine.


Embracing Your Sacred Purpose

You are the leader our world has been waiting for…
Claim your place among a global village of seekers and high-performance entrepreneurs who take the initiative to be the change they want to see in the world. It is about connection, transformation and leadership. Co create your heart-centered future by finding safety and purpose through a deep sense of belonging.

Prerequisites: Dancing the Archetypes. Reclaiming Yourself, Heart of Purpose

By Special Invitation Only