Wisdom Windfalls webinars, personal purpose management, and in-depth retreats are lush, juicy and relevant. Our promise is to journey with you, sharing the latest transformative technologies, those we utilize ourselves. We provide a system of support so you can walk your talk and step more fully into the authentic life you are destined to live.

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101. Introduction to Power, Privilege, and Difference in the Workplace

Besides helping employees feel safer, more respected, & deeply connected, DEIB work fosters a high degree of engagement, productivity, innovation, & retention of talent.

Increasing your multicultural awareness can broaden your relationships at work & at home, & grow your skillset as a leader.

What You’ll Get …
This 8-hour online training introduces a Workplace-Specific Multicultural Model.

What You’ll Learn
– The impact of the different types of Workplace “isms”
– Tools for preventing Workplace microaggressions
– An introduction to effective Workplace Allyship and Advocacy
– The distinctly different levels of Multicultural Communication.



August 10th 8:00am-5:00pm EST

102. Power, Privilege, and Difference in the Workplace

Are you to ready into lean into the future?

Besides helping employees feel safer, more respected, & deeply connected, DEIB work fosters a high degree of engagement, productivity, innovation, & retention of talent.
Increasing your multicultural awareness can broaden your relationships at work & at home, & grow your skillset as a leader.

What You’ll Get …
– An in-depth understanding of DEIB
– A closer look at your own identities
– Practical skills for daily interactions
– How to be an effective “Ally & Success Partner” in the Workplace
– Increase of your Multicultural Leadership skills
– Practice in meaningful and effective conversations with people who are different from you
– Experiential learning through breakout rooms and fishbowls
– Learn effective cross-functional communication

This 8-Session (24+ training hours) Virtual Workshop is led by a diverse group of certified facilitators who have worked in multicultural learning environments for decades.




Rick Broniec, MEd. has been a consultant, leader, and facilitator in multicultural awareness training since the 1990s. He is the co-creator and facilitator of two successful multicultural trainings: “Isms & Issues: An Introduction to Multicultural Awareness” and “Power, Privilege, and Difference in the Workplace” (PPDW). Rick, an internationally published best-selling author, has also written and spoken extensively on the importance of multicultural awareness in organizational success throughout the US and the world.

Michael Bonahan is a founding partner of Wisdom Windfall and a contributor to its core-curriculum. He was the founding national board chair of Boys to Men USA & is a Certified Leader Trainer for the ManKind Project. He is a certified business-coach; and group facilitator for transformational processes including gestalt, in-utero regression, transpersonal connection, and systemic constellation therapies. Michael has been the managing partner of more than a dozen successful companies. He is a co-author and a Lead-Facilitator of “Power, Privilege, and Difference in the Workplace” (PPDW).

Jeffrey Coulter is an Instructional Designer and facilitator with over 25 years of experience designing and developing learning solutions, performance assessments, training adults, aligning curriculum, and delivering instruction within the corporate and consulting industries. He is actively involved in diversity and inclusion issues inside and outside of his organization, is a contributing member of a number of employee resource groups, facilitates Unpacking Power, Privilege, and Difference for the Mankind Project. He is a Society of Human Resource Management – Certified Professional, and a Certified Human Rights Consultant – U.S. Institute of Diplomacy & Human Rights. He earned an M.S. from Southern New Hampshire University in 2017, and a B.S. from University of Phoenix in 2014.

Rhonda Schladand L.M.T., is a Certified Life Coach has been a somatic healer since 1994. Trained in Hakomi Psychotherapy and Matrix Group-work, she is a Hellinger Family Constellation facilitator and trainer. Rhonda has co-developed The Games We Play workshop, which educates people about the Drama Triangle and Creative Group-Work which teaches about the power within a group to heal. As a co-founder of the Center for Visionary Studies, she has been able to develop and educate how to support change and challenge each other, to live lives of integrity authenticity.



103. Reclaiming Yourself

Are you ready to stop denying your hidden beliefs and reveal the powerful possibilities that lay deep within your whole self? An important step in living a life of purpose is to inventory all parts of yourself. There’s some rich gold to mine in the process of this live webinar. Reclaiming Yourself is at the cornerstone of Wisdom Windfall’s process in discovering your purpose and living it with passion.



In your relationships – do you operate from your Lover or your Magician? Does your Warrior or your Sovereign take charge in your career? This revealing and powerful workshop explores how the Cardinal Archetypes show up in our culture and in our daily lives. Discover the Gold & Shadows in your Lover, Warrior, Magician, and Sovereign.





At Wisdom Windfall the first shift to awakening and moving forward starts here with this group session of individual depth work. While you can choose your own level of engagement, for a few, the privilege to actually witness others unburden themselves from the things that held them back is, in itself, sacred and life-changing to experience.

For people who have faced the broken parts within and are seeking a fresh gateway to the next level for themselves. Come with a spirited open heart and the kind of compassion that won’t turn away from the expression of deep emotions, vulnerability, and authenticity.

Michael Bonahan and Rhonda Schladand are highly trained, certified, intuitive educators. Internationally seasoned, each working successfully in their fields. Practitioners of Shadow, Gestalt, Family Constellation, Dynamic Groups, and Rites of Passage work between them, this is the team that will be guiding you through each shift.

Over the course of 3 evenings, join Michael and Rhonda for a unique in-person re-learning experience. We welcome those called to serve humanity. Come with us as we co-create a shift into living life with presence and purpose.

Prerequisite: Reclaiming Yourself





Now is the time to design the personal time capsule of your Living Legacy.  Here we will shine the light on where you always wanted to go, but maybe never did. Join us in this powerful 7 WEEK discovery learning environment where you’ll develop an overarching vision for yourself, learn to lead projects with renewed aliveness, get inspired by a tribe of heart-centered leaders from diverse backgrounds, and bring it all home by focusing in on what purposeful success really looks like for you.

Prerequisites: Reclaiming Yourself, Heart of Purpose




107. Holding Space

This 4-hour Online Workshop is for leaders, group facilitators, managers, executives, and multicultural communications experts who work with diverse groups in large and medium-sized settings.

This training will help you:
– Take Responsibility for Outcomes
– Hone Your Presentation Skills
– Prepare for Facilitation Challenges
– Hold Space for yourself in a clear and clean way
– Listen to others with curiosity while setting your judgments and opinions aside
– Be fully present with another person so that their experience is central to the moment
– Be present in challenge or conflict, without getting “triggered”
– Maintain the intention of a process without getting sidetracked
– Practice being graceful in your interventions.





For the discerning tribe member, a luxury spa resort package that strikes the perfect balance between challenging your higher self and pampering your worthy self. Our holistic approach combines high-level, Life-Affirming, personal and group coaching with five star accommodations, customized in-house spa treatments, whole-body wellness regimes, and world class farm to table cuisine.




Embracing Your Sacred Purpose

You are the leader our world has been waiting for…
Claim your place among a global village of seekers and high-performance entrepreneurs who take the initiative to be the change they want to see in the world. It is about connection, transformation and leadership. Co create your heart-centered future by finding safety and purpose through a deep sense of belonging.

Prerequisites: Dancing the Archetypes. Reclaiming Yourself, Heart of Purpose

By Special Invitation Only


Affiliate Programs


12 x 3 hour weekly interactive learning sessions

16 x practice dojo sessions

Gain Self-belief , Self-awareness, Trust, & Clarity

Increase your capacity to Listen, Lead, Empower, Withstand, & Thrive

Enhance your ability to Communicate clearly, Connect emphatically, Transform conflict, & Respond rather than React

Do you crave to apply the brilliance of all that you are and make a difference in the world? These basic coaching skills are transferable to creating transformational outcomes for: Individuals, relationships, families, workplaces, educators, communities, professionals and business leaders.

What is included in the journey:
– Videos, diagrams, and written materials
– A learning hub private group
– Access to a supportive community of coaches

In addition, we also include:
– 6 x one-on-one sessions with a qualified coach valued at $1,000
– 3 hours post tuition support, supervision and tips prior to certification valued at $450
– Your certification exam fee $100
– First year registration with International Coaches Register (ICR) $200


Steve Hill
Founder, Jedi Coaching

Steve’s 25 year career has been dedicated to personal and organizational culture development, business building, high performance athletic coaching, leadership training, group facilitation and private practice as a therapist.

As an IRC certified System Intervention Master Coach and Psychotherapist, Steve has coached 1000’s of women, men, couples, children and families over 25 years logging 5,000 hours.

As a Certified Leader, Board Member and International Body Chair of the ManKind Project, Steve has led over 100 trainings in 6 countries with groups of participants and staff exceeding 130 people, delivering intensive staff and leadership training workshops.

As a high-performance athletic Coach, Steve has trained and certified world-class skydiving exponents and instructors building a successful business of 17 years.

Steve is a pillar in his community, supporting marginalized people, working tirelessly in indigenous communities and local high schools where he pays it forward.

Steve is passionate about supporting people to experience the joy and beauty of self-empowerment. Steve’s mantra is ‘I believe in you more than you until you do’.

Steve has proven success in the corporate world, working with high-profile companies such as Heinz Kraft, one of the largest food companies in the world.

“Working with Steve is truly transformative, he talks to my heart and soul, wakes me up and reminds me of what matters. I believe I’ve learnt more in the last year than I have in the last 20 years.” — JAQUIE SCAMMELL CUSTOMER RELATIONS EXPERT